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Kat [userpic]

boom boom boom ; collab part { failed }

February 28th, 2011 (08:40 am)

feeling: cheerful
jamming to: Firework - Glee Cast

My new video? x]

I'm such a sucker for Glee it's not even funny <3 RACHELbby.

Kat [userpic]

P R E T T I E S *

December 14th, 2010 (08:35 pm)

feeling: anxious
jamming to: Monster - Skillet

Sig I'm currently using on SKS. I think it's cute. *shrug*

Kat [userpic]

(no subject)

October 1st, 2010 (12:32 pm)

feeling: accomplished

Title- A Dozen Roses
Summary- September 23rd; it's been a dark day for him for years. And all he's got are these roses...
Characters/Pairings- Sonic the Hedgehog and (kinda) Amy Rose; SonAmy
Words- 4,860
Song- Lucy by Skillet
Rating- T for language. It's not that bad.
Author's Notes- This was written a LONGG time ago. However, I still love this and it's one of my personal favorites that I've written. I hate it how people always kill Amy off, and I wanted to see why.. apparently, I can write it fairly well.The autumn breeze whipped against him as he trudged on...Collapse )

Kat [userpic]

Disappear :: 1

October 1st, 2010 (09:21 am)

feeling: cheerful
jamming to: Make Me Wanan Die - Pretty Reckless

Title- Disappear
Pairings/Characters- Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose; SonAmy
Summary- He was always disappearing.
Words- 5,520
Rating- T for sexual themes as it progresses. Not too much detail and fades to black before anything actually happens.
Author Notes- Vignettes help cure my more minor writer's blocks. Was widely inspired by an RP I did, though some things have been changed. There will probably be more to this.
She was always disappearing...Collapse )

Kat [userpic]

b u r n m a r k s

September 22nd, 2010 (01:44 pm)

chilling at : United States, Maine
feeling: chipper
jamming to: Life Of The Party - A Rocket To The Moon

Title- b u r n m a r k s
Pairings/Characters- SonAmy (Therefor, Sonic and Amy)
Summary- Beauty is perfection -- looking good is all she thinks she has. When that flops and it comes down to it, how deep do his feelings run? Was he too late? Are her burn marks off-turning?
Words- 3,827
Rating- T for mild sexual themes.
Author Notes- I wrote this a little while ago. It's... romantic, to say the least. A dynamic of their relationship that I feel needed to be explored.

Read more...Collapse )

Kat [userpic]

Testing, testing~

September 22nd, 2010 (01:18 pm)

feeling: amused

1 2 3, testing~
lmaoo. (;

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